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Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party at Walt Disney World magic kingdom Orlando, FL. As I entered the park it felt like fall was here with the scarecrows and the red, yellow and orange decoration hanging from the streetlights along with pumpkins that were craved to like likeness of Disney characters on the street light as well as strewn about in the garden areas. Also as I entered I was handed a bag to go trick or treating! It’s Disney everyone can be a kid there and not be judged too much. The event started at 7pm the voice that narrates your journey in the haunted mansion was played and announced the start of the event. I went trick or treating about eight when the first parade started, Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween parade. It lead by the headless horseman followed a grave keeper with a hound dog which started floats and dancers that had Halloween themes along with the recreation of some of the characters you see dead in the haunted mansion. A few of the dancers that were very good so I thought were the gravediggers with the shovels that through sparks when struck to the ground and the ballroom dancers that looked like they were straight from the ballroom of the haunted mansion. After that parade I went to watch Halloween Wishes. The Ghost of the haunted mansion invited you to watch as Cinderella Castle is transformed into something more spooky looking as the Disney villains take it over tear up the night with fireworks that go along with there themed music and it concludes with villains casting a spell that you will never forget. I have seen Wishes a firework spectacular as Disney calls it many times, but Halloween Wishes was far better it was more engaging with the people the characters enacted with guest a lot more so then they normally do. The over all length of the production was much longed them the version they do normally the fireworks were more spaced out the Castle coming to life with the animation had on it was quite amazing. Overall it was worth the $70 to get in oh yea and my trick or treat bag was practically overflowing by the time I left check it out there is only a few more days to go thou. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/magic-kingdom/mickeys-not-so-scary-halloween-party/   Dodd #4